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There's truly never a dull moment at the Art Center. Whether it's a group of third graders touring our galleries, a group of adults taking a pottery class, or an opening for an exciting new exhibit, our facilities are always buzzing with activity. People come to create something new, to take in a new perspective, or to connect with their community. All of this is possible thanks to members like you.

This year, you awarded 142 scholarships. You made it possible to provide quality creative visual arts platforms for young people of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

You brought art education programs to 11% more students in our local schools. You ensure high-quality visual arts education programs could enrich the lives of those students and encourage lifelong learning.

You garnered attention from 352 exhibiting artists. You fostered professional exhibits that appealed to a wide audience, creating an environment that supports learning, engaging, and connection.

There's so much to be proud of in these successes, but our work isn't done yet. In the coming year, there are new works to create and ideas to explore. We need your support now more than ever. One of the best ways you can continue to support the work of the Art Center is by joining or renewing your membership today.

Membership at the Art Center offers you and your family many benefits, including discounts on class fees and free admission to events. Your membership is also the best way to stay updated and involved in all the activities the Art Center offers. Best of all, your membership helps fund the many programs and opportunities that the Art Center provides.

The visual arts can bring us so much - education, inspiration, fun, and a chance for people to come together and create. Become a member of the Art Center today and help the adventure continue!

*Looking to pay your membership fees in monthly installments instead? Click here.*