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Everyone should get the chance to share and create.

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Everyone should get the chance to share and create.

When Elizabeth met Sally*, she had no idea what a special day it would be.

Elizabeth is one of the instructors for the smART Kids program, which brings art education to local elementary classrooms. Sally was a student in one of her classes.

"When I arrived at the class, the children were at recess," Elizabeth says, "everyone but one little girl. I gathered that there had been an issue that kept her inside. I also gathered that she was new to the school."

When the rest of the class returned from recess, Elizabeth started a lesson plan about Frida Kahlo. She noticed that Sally was sitting with her head on her desk. Elizabeth placed paper and supplies on Sally's desk, not sure what to expect. But slowly, as the lesson progressed, Sally joined in an made a wonderful self-portrait along with her classmates.

"On that day, in that moment, art provided a safe zone for her," Elizabeth says.

Art gives such an opportunity to create something new, to express ourselves, and to connect with other people. That's the power of art. And when you donate to the Quincy Art Center, you share that power with countless others in our community. Whether it's through exhibits, events, classes, or workshops, you can help build opportunities just like the one Sally experienced. Thank you for considering a contribution to the Quincy Art Center!

*No, her name's not really Sally.